Frequently Asked Questions

What is Häagen-Dazs & Me?

Häagen-Dazs & Me is a free email program that celebrates the joy of Häagen-Dazs. Häagen-Dazs & Me members get exclusive emails with offers redeemable at participating shops, sneak peaks into new menus, news and events.

What are my benefits as a Häagen-Dazs & Me member?

In addition to information on new products, stories, news and events, Häagen-Dazs & Me members will receive a Welcome Offer for joining the program and a Birthday Offer on their birthday. These offers are only redeemable at participating shops.

How can I enroll to Häagen-Dazs & Me?

It’s simple, click here and follow the simple steps to enroll in the Häagen-Dazs & Me program. You will need to provide your name, email address, date of birth and postal code to sign up and get your welcome offer. Enrollment website:

Which stores are participating in Häagen-Dazs & Me?

Currently, you can redeem your offer from this list of participating Häagen-Dazs shops.

Can I redeem Häagen-Dazs & Me offers online?

No. You can only redeem your offers at participating Häagen-Dazs shops in person.

Do my offers expire?

Yes. Check your email for the specific expiration date. They are meant to be single-use and cannot combined with other offers.

How can I redeem my offer?

It’s easy! Visit a participating Häagen-Dazs shop  and show the cashier your offer email. They will redeem the offer/discount at checkout.

What if I have problems redeeming my offer?

Our team members in our participating Häagen-Dazs shops should be able to help you. If you are still experiencing problems, then please contact our customer service team who will be able to help. Click on the link at the bottom of your email to reach Customer Service or the links below.

What if I never received my welcome offer?

Offers are sent to your email address that you provided when you enrolled. Check your spam and junk folders. If you are still having trouble, contact Customer Service with your details and we will help you.

What if I don’t receive any special offers?

Currently there are only two special offers, one after you enroll and one on your birthday. Make sure to check your spam and junk folders. If you are still having trouble, please contact Customer Service with the details and we help you.

How is my data managed?

Your data is managed per our GDPR guidelines. Check out our Cookies PolicyPrivacy PolicyTerms of Use to know more.

How can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe anytime from the Häagen-Dazs & Me emails. Just click unsubscribe at the bottom right hand side of any of your Häagen-Dazs & Me emails.

I need help, who can I contact?

We’re here to help! You can reach our Customer Service team who will be happy to help by completing the form below.

For Customer Service in Spain/Malta – Click here
For Customer Service in France – Click here
For Customer Service in Germany – Click here
For Customer Service in Portugal – Click here